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The Ultimate Guide to choose the Right typeface · Workbook (Practice-based).


Let's assume that: Typography is for everybody. And please, don't get intimidated, is not hard whatsoever, yet essential.

- To be a good designer, you simply have to understand the basics and fundamentals of typography. It all starts with the basics. One of the biggest problems for designers today is the fear and ignorance of typography. Typography is the gateway to design.

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A learning process made-by-doing.


Welcome to The Ultimate Guide to choose the Right Typeface™, the definitive guide to learning how to choose the right typeface for every situation.

This is an extract from the original version, Typography is for everybody™, for those who won't purchase the whole book, you can now grab some chapters separately, so you don't have to wait until the big release.


📌An online version of something huge: This is the online version of a project that will be carried out in the physical form. This manual is designed to help students from schools all over the world to take the next level in Typography. From the beginning, towards the endless universe of type.

Original Book introduction

The present work is a typographic manual developed and designed to operate as a basic encyclopedia where you can store the basic concepts of typography

In this book, we will not focus on advanced typography or very specific aspects. It is intended to function as an additional resource for designers in college or simply to have a cheat sheet to go to from time to time for those who want to apply typography correctly, efficiently and consciously.

This typography manual is made for several purposes, we all know that typography is a very open world, delicate and complex at the same time. Many designers would like to be able to say that they master typography and even those professionals who deal with typography every single day are still learning new applications, new variations, new perspectives, and still studying the basics and their corresponding fundamentals.

In this manual, we will not only study the fundamentals of typography (at least the ones that I consider essential to start with), we will go further. It's fine to learn the basics of typography, but we need someone to explain to us how it works, how it is applied, what it does, and what functionality has. That is, I will not only explain the theory, but we will try to guide the understanding of its practice, in other words, how we can apply it to reality.


Quick-straight-forward benefits of this book? How is going to help me?

  • It will help you grow your income: The reality is that the more knowledge you have about typography, the better you will be able to develop and the better decisions you will be able to make.
  • Instantly improve your design skills: Ask any professional designer and the answer will always be the same. To be a good designer, you simply have to understand the basics and fundamentals of typography. It all starts with the basics. One of the biggest problems for designers today is the fear and ignorance of typography. Typography is the gateway to design.
  • Professionalism: Many designers today are concerned about whether their work is professional enough. The reality is that the term "professional" is very open-ended. What is clear is that being professional means making decisions with determination and judgement. And for that you need experience and expertise. And that will come from practice and books.
  • Context: By knowing part of the history of typography and its foundations, it will help you to understand many things you didn't know before, and why many decisions were made the way they were made.
  • First of all, it is best to consider this book as a manual. Actually, the initial project was "Manual of typography". When you start in design, you don't start by creating amazing projects that will help you change the world (that comes later), you start at the beginning.
  • Generate criteria (Know what you are talking about): This book will simply help you to understand the basics of typography and help you to generate a criteria so that you can choose typefaces with confidence and take your designs to the next level.
  • Everybody needs to understand and master typography: Definitely, one of the best decisions to start learning design is to start by mastering typography. Even those professionals who deal with typography every single day are still learning new applications, new variations, new perspectives, and still studying the basics of typography.

So will I be able to purchase this book physically?

  • Typography is for everyone is a project with the intention of being present in schools and universities around the world to bring typography to all designers. This is only the free version of the e-book. This book already exists in a physical version.

What does the Free version include?

  • In my opinion, the free versions of any book are useful to get a realistic idea of what the book will contain. That is why I have decided to take 30% of what the book will contain in its entirety. The most important thing is that the free version already brings a unique value.

Are there any discounts for students?

  • If I have written this book it is because I have been a graphic design student at the University of Design in Barcelona. And I know how hard it is to make money as a student.

    This is not really a book, it is a manual that will help you to get through the course in the easiest way possible. To make it easier for you, I'm going to give a 30% (59,99€ 41,99€) discount to those students from school, high school, universities and even to any student who is part of a course/materclass/bootcamp related to design (both for those who attend in person and online).

    To get the discount, you just need to be able to prove your student status.

When will the final book be published?

  • It is still too early to talk about a specific date. For the online version, the 1st of September. For the physical version we will wait a bit until we have been able to discuss the printing conditions sufficiently with the supplier.

Discounts (Vouchers and student status)

When you buy this book you will get a 20% discount on all products in my shop, with the code you will receive in the same email you used to buy this book.


Chapter 0 - Onboarding

- Welcome onboard!

- Introduction

- Who is this book aimed at?

- Free version and full version

- Typography mindset

- Typography at University

Chapter 1 - Introduction to type

- What you need to know beforehand

Chapter 2 - Typography classification

- How is typography classified

- Anatomy of typography

- Typography Definitions

- Vox-ATypl classification & Typography History

Chapter 3 - The Golden Principles

- Introduction to the golden principles

- The voice

- How to communicate correctly

- The contrast

- Width & Weight

- White Space

- Tracking & Kerning

- Legibility & Readability

- Consistency

- Printing typography

- Hierarchy

- Alignment

- Scalable Typography

- Responsive Typography

- Fluid vs Responsive Typography

- Typography Variants

- Typography Psycology

- How to correctly choose Typography (Workshop)

- Font matching

- Grid and layout

- Friendly tips

Chapter 4 - Inspiration

- Inspiration vs Copy Paste

- Why inspiration is good

- Why inspiration isn’t good

- Trusted sources

The End

- Conclusion

- Advice

- Credits

License Agreement

This is a legal agreement between you, the Purchaser, and the Licensor (Jordi Espinosa). Purchasing or downloading of any typographic content designed by Jordi Espinosa (Licensed Material), consistutes your acceptance of the terms of this agreement.

All ownership and copyright of the Licensed Material remain the property of licensor. The licensed Material is not being sold, but provided to the purchaser under the terms of this agreement.

The Licensed Material or any derivate work based on the Licensed Material may not be directly or indirectly licensed, sub-licensed, resold or redistributed - even for free.

The standard license grants you, the Purchaser, a non-exclusive, non-transferable right to use the Licensed Material. The Licensed Material is permited to be used:

For any personal, commercial, editorial or client purpose.
· Print this document.
· Use it in your personal projects.
· Use it as part of presentations or videos.

The Licensed Material may not be:
· Sold or redistributed anywhere else. (Or obtain any retribution).
· Used to create pornographic, libelous, obscene or defamatory Material.
· Used on commercial projects.
· In an altered, croppped or otherwise modified or manipulated way.

Thank you so much for everything.

Cheers, Jordi Espinosa.

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The Ultimate Guide to choose the Right typeface · Workbook (Practice-based).

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